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CARWASH IN KALMAR AND FAARJESTADEN - American Days - American Nights
CARWASH IN KALMAR AND FAARJESTADEN - American Days - American Nights

A pure pleasure in 4 minutes- welcome to Tvättcenter

A modern carwash in Kalmar and Färjestaden. With us, you will find everything from fully automatic car washes, which makes your car sparkling clean in 40 meters and 4 minutes, to modern self-wash halls with the market's leading products of the highest quality.

Fully automatic carwashes that makes your car sparkling clean in just 4 minutes! Come in as you are - leave as you want to be. Always staff during our opening hours with knowledgeable on the facility.
Topmodern carwash-tunnels with a focus on the environment. We have our own treatment plant in the building and we reuse 85-90% of the water.
Sweden's fastest car wash?
In just 4 minutes, we make your car gently shiny clean.
Gentle brushes
Before a car enters the brushes, it has been washed with high pressure free of dirt and particles.
Which products are used?
We constantly test and evaluate the products we use. Through close cooperation with our chemical supplier, we always make sure to have the best products on the market for the occasion and season. We also have environmentally friendly chemicals for the best environmental choice approved by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, we also take care of the rainwater to mention a few things with our facilities.

Let us take care of the car while you drink coffee in our lounge or drive through quickly and easily by yourself.

Our self-washing halls are always open, 24 hours a day. Everything is included to wash the car yourself so it becomes sparkling clean; degreasing products (insect-remover), high pressure with hot water and shampoo, soft wash brush, hot wax and demineralized water. At both of our facilities, we also have halls intended for larger vehicles like, self-washing caravans, mobile homes and smaller trucks with us. Vacuum cleaners are available at all our facilities.

Welcome to perhaps Sweden's most high-tech Carwash Tunnels. Fast, easy, flexible and queue-free.

Adress: Scheelegatan 9,
392 38 Kalmar

Brofästet Öland 1,
386 31 Färjestaden

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