American Days - Lundegård 1, 387 96 Köpingsvik, Sweden
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The rules below are made for everyone who visits the American Days Festival Öland Sweden.

The purpose is to make your stay as pleasant as possible. If these rules are not followed, you may be refused entry or be turned away from the festival grounds.

· To enter the event area, you must drive an American car or motorcycle

· No own barriers are permitted

· It is not permitted to organize an individual meeting, club meeting or the like in the American Days meeting area

· The fire escapes that are marked may not be moved

· No tents larger than for personal use with a limited number of seats are allowed

· Sale of any kind of goods is not permitted without the consent of the event organizer

· When setting up the tent/tents, the instructions of the event staff apply and must be followed

· Only American vehicles are in the camping area

· Banners are permitted after agreement with the event organizer

· Drugs may not be brought into the event/camping area

· Objects that can be used for the purpose of harming the event area, its personal or other guests may not be brought into the event area

· Weapons may not be brought into the event area

· Pyrotechnic pieces or other dangerous or flammable objects may not be brought into the event area

· Laser pens or laser pointers are not allowed

· Segways, hoverboards are not allowed

· Other dangerous items are not allowed

· Disturbance of public order – Wardens and police have the right to reject, against or temporarily take into custody persons who disturb public order or pose an immediate danger to it according to Section 13 of the Police Act (PL). What constitutes public order may vary depending on the location or the rules of order that apply there. A rule of thumb can be that a rejection is caused by the fact that people's behavior can be perceived negatively by many people.

· In the event area, Swedish legislation applies
Tickets - American Days - American Nights - LAS VEGAS PASS
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